Cafe open everyday from 9am – 5pm (9am – 4pm October- February)

Café menu


Our coffee is provided by Ringtons and we offer a number of options including Cappuccino, Caffe Latte and Latte Macchiato. Our hot chocolate can be served alone or with marshmallows and cream, and we have a selection of teas available. The café fridge is stocked with water and a range of soft drinks.


Our Café has recently expanded to include rolls, sandwiches, baguettes and pastas – all made fresh by Cumbria Tasty Bites. We also offer these with a drink and snack of your choice as part of a meal deal option. We have a range of smaller snacks available such as crisps, chocolates and cakes made by Jill’s Jams and Cakes. We also have a number of gluten free options.

We have number of sweets available, and a freezer filled with ice creams and ice pops.

If you are part of a large group, with advanced notice, we can also provide private space and alternative catering packages to meet your requirements. In the past we have catered for birthday parties, meetings and other special events with packages ranging from sandwich platters to barbeques.


Do you like meeting people and helping to serve refreshments etc? At weekends and during holidays the nature reserve can get busy and we require persons with good communication skills and with a friendly and outgoing nature to help out in the visitor centre. If you have these qualites and have a few hours to spare please contact Staff at Watchtree. Tel:01228 712539 or email