Watchtree wouldn’t run without its small army of volunteers and we are very thankful for their contribution. We have volunteers ranging in all ages and talents and we would be lost without their help. Here is a quick introduction to two of our long standing volunteers, Ian for the Watchtree Wheelers and Ruth for the Visitor Centre. They have very different roles and enjoy them for different reasons.

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Spotlight on Ian

Ian Ludlam is from Dalston and has volunteered at Watchtree for four years as a Watchtree Wheelers Assistant.  Here’s a bit more about his volunteering experience:

Q: What is your job description as a volunteer at Watchtree?

A: I come in every Saturday and help fit people out with the right bike for their height and ability. I also help youngsters learn to ride for the first time.

Q: What got you started on volunteering here?

A: I retired from the police force and wanted to do some form of volunteering. I live not far from Watchtree so I contacted Ryan who suggested I help out with Watchtree Wheelers – I couldn’t say no really!

Q: What has been your favourite moment from volunteering here?

A:  That’s got to be getting a child to ride a bike for the first time – you can see the pleasure in the child and the parent’s faces. Sometimes we have kids as young as three learning so it really gives you a buzz.


Spotlight on Ruth

Ruth Higginson is from Denton Holme, Carlisle and has volunteered at Watchtree since September 2013. Here’s a bit more about her volunteering experience:

Q: What is your job description as a volunteer at Watchtree?

A: I am a Visitor Centre Volunteer.  I meet and greet visitors, and explain the reserve to them.  I also supervise the self-service café, do some admin, take payments as needed for cycles, memberships, and generally keep an eye on the place.

Q: What are your three favourite things about Watchtree?

A: Fresh air, wildlife and meeting lots of different people.

Q: How would you recommend volunteering here to others?

A: There are roles for everyone here, flexibility of times to volunteer and a friendly team – plus plenty of fresh air.